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the least thing you can do is call them  *1888 and ask for a rebate.. i used to get rebates when i call them and demand for a refund for the service that is unacceptable. It is a part of our CONSUMER RIGHTS.. and this is a breach of contract. :) they were not able to provide the service that was expected from them, so if you will get somewhere near serious then that's the right case to file.

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not sure exactly...

last month i was having disconnection problems,  and have been tweaking my canopy, my pc, upgrading softwares and drivers, even formatting my whole drives but still disconnecting. so i called smart and ask me a series of questions and help me to do this and that (the only good CS i've talked so far..btw). until we arrived to decision to change my lan card. so i did! after changing the disconnection was gone!!! problem was solved (last week only). so i tweaked my pc again(canopy, cleaning, cablenut, etc) but the connection was slow (120+kbps)... smart called me up and ask me about my status... i said the disconnection was gone but i was only running less than 384kbps... he told me that he was seeing some issues about the basestation and will report the problem.

after 3 days, i just woke up and found this awesome speed running on my pc! at first i thought the test was only cached, so i cleaned my cache but it was still the same!!! whoa!!! i tried other speed test sites as well and i wasn't dreaming!!!  :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

i don't know what really happened but if they did fixed something on the basestation i hope it will be forever!!!  :smitten:

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okok... im really freak out.. btw, there are tons of proxy sites to choose, well try remove your current proxy ( is actually your pc local IP, so it will just loopback your connection)

so for starters... why do you need proxies? is your connection too slow? or pages cant be viewed?

there are different types of proxies.. Active, Passive, Transparent, anonymous and web based...

Active in conjunction with Transparent - the IP that is registered to the website is your WAN IP,and your connection is not cashed this allow streaming access.

Active in Conjunction with Anonymous- Your using other IP to view a website, good for annonymous access and still capable for streaming connections.

Passive INCW Transparent - cashed/transparent

Passive INCW Anonymous - cashed/anonymous

Web Proxies, a site that converts your website address to their own codings to bypass restrictions or admin banned Websites.

well thats all for now...

you can get proxy from www.proxyrat.org

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omg i have read all the tweaks and tried it but i cant get even 512kbps, please someone share his tips on how to get speeds like this  thanks.

Not going to happen, I don't think that speed is reality. Definitely not on satellite, let alone smartbro.  Your speed is average, if not a bit above average for the better part of smartbro users.
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actualy is a local proxy used by google web accelerator, you got that speed because it was cached by accelerator, so in short the result that you are getting is not the real speed that you are getting from smartbro, you can try it by yourself go to google and type google web accelerator.... hheheh no offense just sharing.


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