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Any problems with Smartbro Lately?

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everyone has a point. now it is up to the readers which advice to follow yeh?

i was able to dropby in one office which has more than 10 computers connected in two 8-port hubs with only one smartbro connection.

what the network administrator did was to make his pc a server so smartbro can detect only one mac address; 2 lan cards are used. all of the computers connected can browse as if they are not sharing only one connection. speed was amazing.  :smiley:

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my smartbro has no problems at all. iam using it in an internet cafe, and speed is awesome, all can play conquer online, browse youtube and friendsters or chat, we have 14 computers including the server and a laptop, i used 1 server for sharing inernet its windows XP with ICS or internet connection sharing, i have FIREWALL Enabled and Tweaked my Internet Using MAXBROADBAND can be downloaded here [snip] i used it everyday to test the connection speed and it will tweak..my SmartBro is Plan 999 and im planing to use a router next month i'll post results on connection when i have tested it with a linksys router.

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