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I have a problem booting up a computer. When i try to boot it without a floppy drive it does a continuous code beep. It says BIOS ROM checksun error. When i try to boot it with a floppy drive in it says please insert system disk and hit enter. At this point i have no system disk and the keyboard is frozen. I cannot hit control alt delete and cannot enter the BIOS. Yet sometimes if booted up enough it will turn on and work perfect. If for any reason it reboots it will not work forever it seems. If anyone has any suggestions please help.

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So it wont fully post ?

Sounds like you may have tried to change something in the BIOS ?

There is really only one things that will cause this error , a dead CMOS battery. Or a faulty chip. I doubt if it is the hard drive, but slim chance.

I would probably guess that since you said  " floppy " that the computer has a few years on it. If it's not the battery, then you could try and flash the bios.  Please post the motherboard specs, ram, all that hardware stuff, we don't need necessarily all the software you have, but if you have installed some sort of bios altering software , that could be useful as well.

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Sorry it took so long to get back to this i have been swamped at work. Pretty much this is a motherboard that is about 2 years old. Not as in manufactured as in purchused new along with cpu athlon 2800+ I had it as a pc that would be able to turn on without any keyboard or mouse and be accesed remotely. It has a ECS motherboard in it. Two gigs of tested ram. 1 hard drive and i have tryed 3 now that are known working drives. Last time i flashed the bios on this same kind of board it took it down to 800Mhz for the cpu speed and this is scary to me to try that again with this board. I think i have an extra battery laying around in another board i will give that a try.

Motherboard:  ECS KM400-M2 rev 3.0c

OS:  Xp pro corp sp2

Ram: 2 gig 2700 (tested)

PSU: 500watt  (tested)

CPU: Athlon 2800+

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I dont think it is possible to flash bios because i cant even get into the bios let alone do anything to it at all. It simply says bios checksome rom error no A drive then beeps like crazy continous. I try reseting the bios by jumper and it will not power on at all. I try to set bios flash protect will not boot at all.

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wanna share this to you...

it seems that you got a corrupted bios that needs to be re flashed.. well that's really tough one.. REALLY..

well last month, i killed my board by flashing my modified ROM.. so turns out.. i got that kind of error.. so it needs a floppy disk to recover my bios.. but unluckily.. i dont have any... so i borrow one from a friend.. and so i create a boot disk out of dinosaur floppy.. well that didn't turn right.. it seems that the award boot loader doesnt know how to read floppies (it just keep reading at random places..) so that didnt help me either. so i manage to borrow something again.. this time a CPU... and yeah.. its AMIBIOS CPU... so using that PC, i manage to surf the web an look for solutions.. and i found one.. this time.. its really scary one.. HOT FLASH.. well this procedure can kill the other board as well as yours.. and i got my finger crossed not to burn my bios nor his mobo..

so here's what you need..

your backup BIOS - comes in .bin files.. you can get one in the web, just search the model code of your mobo and will direct you to a download page.

FLASH UTILITY - a tool that flashes your bios ill advise to use UNIFLASH coz....... well uhh..

FUTURISTIC FLOPPY DISK - Floppy disk or flash disk... well....

A BOOTABLE - Floppy DISK MAKER - www.bootdisk.com

A HOST PC - a PC that will carry this insane procedure..

well... i cant explain everything here on this forum... mind as well post the link..


well try googling for other guides..

oh one note.. before doing a hotflash procedure.. mind as well check your manual for bios info.. like the size of bios.. bios voltage as well as the bios chip used.. and check if your host mobo has same bios specs so you wont get fried up.

also... it doesn't really matter if the host or your pc has a different bios file .. eg.. award, ami.. well if you use awardflash.. it only works on award bios.. nor mobo.. and same goes to ami.. but if you get both diff mobo.. use uniflash so it wont get an error of flasher's incompatibility.

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Case is allways open. I hvae removed the video card and tryed to fix. ram hdd vid card and psu have all been tested and known to work. The mouse and keyboard get dissconected and reconnected everytime i try to adjust anything they are also tested and fully working. The funny thing is i have a working A drive and thats what error i am getting. I do not fully understand how to do anything to it because it will not get past post or even into bios. I cannot boot to cd get into bios or for the fact do anything. If the flash protect jumper is moved the pc will not even light up or fan move or anything no power will go through it. Same results as the reset cmos does. I can try to do the hot flash but to be honest i do not understand the instructions fully. I will need to follow the links and get a better handle of it in my mind.

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