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Installing software for a specific USER


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ei guys,

i need help with regards to this issue I'm having right now, I've conducted many searches for this one but to no avail..

my concern is something like this...

My  PC is being shared by me and my sister, so we have two separate accounts... I have an administrator rights so is she. When I install a software on the PC it installs for all the users including hers which is not a problem.. but what if I want to install a software only specific to me, I want to install a software where only me can use..

I hope someone can help me with this..

More Power!

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There is actually a very easy fix for this.

When you install the program, Windows sets permissions on the folder. Typically, they are set for "Everyone".

What you can do is right click the program's folder under Program Files, and go to properties. Then hit the "Security" tab and take out "Users" or "Everyone" (Could be both.)

After you do that, add YOUR account and give fill permissions. That way, you will be the only one to access that folder, and your sister won't be able to.

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