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I nearly bought a Mac


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25$, I would of gotten it just to shot. Although it'd be fun to play with it before you shot it.


Philly , thats the way I see it now , it would have been fun anyway ,

so for me , a wrong move, anyway I have a collection of computers going back to Win 95 ,and one more would not have made any difference   hey ,I hate throwing away old friends ,I guess thats why I have a house full of computer junk ,  :lol:

mac Monster.. lol.. speaking of computer. i just recently upgraded my service pack to 3.. now im running windows xp SP3

Ianonline  :icon_thumright: I just built me a new puter (after 5 years )  dual core no less ,

and Sp 3 ,so I am set for another 5 years  :lol:, SP 3 went ok for me , hope yours went the same ?

I guess this build will see me out ,  :lol: 

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actually, i just bought a new pc last Aug. 21.. installed XP instead of Vista. and i have upgraded it to SP3.

everything went well, everything is fast after the installation, so i'm all good too. :)

I got a Lighscribe capable DVD writer. :)

:icon_thumright:, I guess we were reinstalling about the same time , and I didn't feel the need for Vista either , my build went ok , apart from a dead video card  :evil2:,

but it got exchanged in 2 days ,  and I kept my old computer , I downgraded it to Machine #2 , LOL , that caused a chain reaction within my family as computers get passed down the chain , I now have 5 spare computers again , the slow'st being a 1.4Ghz ,LOL they will get past on to folk (silver surfers ) that I support, this winter ,

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yeah, i believe so.. I'm planning to send back the flat screen monitor and have it changed.. i got one tiny dead pixel on the upper right corner of the screen.. i can live with it, but the fact that it's brand new gives me the motivation to send it back and have it replaced. this morning i called the store where i bought it and they told me to expect a call tomorrow since the sales rep assigned to me in on leave.. :) aside from that.. i got no problems...

I'm playing Flight simulator 2004 right now... anybody played that game too? I got some several questions... hehe..

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My bigest fear the dreaded dead pixel , not sure I could live with that , I have 2 f/s monitors both BenQ , neither has a pixel problem , thankfully , or they would have gone back ,

have fun with the  Flight simulator , I have never run it ,but will do one day when I can find  one cheap ,

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