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I Really Need someone from canada


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I have been super sick of late with hayfever. Somene offerd an Idea and I am not sure if It is possible.

1. Do you guys have a walgreens pharmacy up there.

2. Can americans order from that walgreens?

3. Do they have "drixoral" medicine in stock??

Drixoral is the only thing that knocks down my hayfever and I have spent tons of money tryting to find something else. No luck. The company that makes it in america is moving a factory and it will not be avalible for another 7 or 8 months. They do have a factory in canada that makes it. I have checked online pharmacys and they are on back order til september. So if one of you fine canadians have a wallgreens. Can give them a quick call see if they have DRIXORAL and can it be orderd from america, I would greatly apreciate it. Oh if they have it how much a box??  Drixoral is over the counter hay fever medicine.

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Have you tried Quercetin ?


It's a Bio-flavonoid Complex.

Available in the health food stores.

You start taking it about two weeks before hay fever season and , for me, it knocks down my symptoms immensely. This year I have only had a couple of a 2 second sniffle and then back to nothing. It is a maintenance dose and not a pop a pill and get relief. Start taking now if your pollen season is longer than most..

I have taken large does of regular Hay fever medications. About 3 times the normal peoples dose. Some I can't take because they raise my blood pressure. Benadryl is about the only one that works for me. And after a couple of weeks of high dose, I by-pass any side effect. High dose is about 6 to 8 pills a day. And my liver and kidneys still respect me.

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First thing to be sure of is that it is hay fever , " perennial allergic rhinitis." , but I guess you have had that checked out ?,

"Do not treat yourself for longer than 3 months without checking with your doctor, so that your doctor can check your treatment is correct. Some products state this in their information leaflet, but it is a sensible precaution for all of them.

Danger symptoms to look out for include -

wheezing, tight chest and cough - which may be hay fever triggering asthma symptoms

ear ache, pain on the face, and discharge from the eyes - which can be infections caused as side-effects of hay fever, in the ear, sinuses and eyes

if your symptoms do not improve after five days of using a treatment, then this is time to review the treatment

difficulty sleeping, showing that your hay fever is not under control, and needs reviewing

Other ways your doctor can help include prescribing medicines which you can not buy from your pharmacy, and other treatments which need specialist advice, such as desentising you to something you are allergic to. Such treatments are normally only used for severe case of hay fever, where the normal products are not enough to keep your symptoms under control. " ,

Bloody hell , I was looking in the UK for "DRIXORAL " and came across this

For reasons that are not yet understood, the number of people suffering from symptoms( in the UK ) is rising dramatically. In 1965, 12% of young people aged 12-14 suffered from hay fever, while currently it is 36% and continuing to grow. Adults in their 40s are developing hay fever, and recent tests on children aged six and seven showed 25 to 30% have hay fever depending on where they live. The Midlands has most sufferers, probably because they live furthest from the sea and pollen concentration is highest.

sorry that news ain't much help ,  DRIXORAL , (Dexbrompheniramine) is on doctors prescription only in the UK,

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We had a try at this once .I guess the Canadian pharmacy couldn't actually deliver as advertised.

If you want to try Quercetin on the cheap .I beleive it is made from the white of grapefruit peels.& orange peels to a lesser degree.

If it is still like before since the Canadian web site that said you could order it can't actually deliver I guess you are out of luck.

I will give another look .If I find anything I will post it.

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