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Shows you the vaulnerability of the registry


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I just re-installed on my older computer as of the RMA on my motherboard. I'ts already been a tough one, thought I'd share the story, as all my updates are downloading at the moment. So the first time I tried installing, I was being stupid forgot about the way this computers power supply loves to shut itself off when it touches metal. So I had to get a CD out of one of my Cd Drives that was in my other case, plugged it in and got the cd out, simply unplugged the molex cord and let it go, well it hit a piece of metal, sparks went everywhere. Needless to say system automatically shut down, like now. So the second attempt went smoothly got almost all the way through updating and decided since my harddrive changed it's letter from C: to H: because I installed my other systems harddrive, that I'd go about trying to find a quick tip on google to switch it back. Well the quicktip was a registy edit, deep within the registry where I could change the drive letters and what not. So I followed the tip, and it worked perfectly until I restarted. Would boot but read the drive I changed as the main drive. I'm guessing here, anyways it would load windows, but would go to a blue screen not the BSOD, but a dark blue screen, and nothing else would happen. Since I knew of nothing to fix it I simply began to reinstall. And I'm currently updating. So I hope this shows not that registry editing something that dependant is extreamly dangerous to your system, but that if your going to find a quick tip, use testmy.net, lol, just thought y'all wanted a little story. Back to updating. [geek-small]

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Yes the Windows registry is a " deep abyss " of loads of program turds, left over s from last years uninstall just hangin around to wreak havok  on any thing and everything you do. It just sits there bloating out like uncle Jr. on Thanksgiving day nearly impervious to any program that claims to " disinfect " of the virtual tidy bowl man.

It's one of the largest culprits for security flaws out there, as well as the root of most issues your going to come across, and there nearly nothing that can be done .

So whats the update Philly ? How did things turn out ? And have you figured out why the PS " shorts " out ? Thats not normal. Firts, we should never disconnect anything while the power is on. But you knew that .

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I was being stupid forgot about the way this computers power supply loves to shut itself off when it touches metal.

They all do that, its to stop you from getting killed  :haha:

The windows registry is a total joke, one little change can screw up the entire computer. Its the worst thing Microsoft ever did. And now they are stuck with it because everything is dependent on it.

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