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Wierd Situation

Mr. Hahn

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I'm upgrading from a Belkin N wireless router to a Linksys WRT54GL because I wanted the custom firmware so I could have features such as DHCP reservations, wake-on-lan packets being allowed through the router, etc. Well, the new router got here today from newegg. I disconnect the Belkin, connect the Linksys, and no connection. * eyebrow raises* So I figure I'll try a direct connection. RJ-45 from the modem directly to the computer. Still nothing.

At this point I just assume my cable company is having issues and decide to wait a little while. After no luck for a while I get to thinking that maybe some of the configuring I did to get wake-on-lan "magic" packets accepted by my network card, including setting up an account with DynDNS for a mock-static IP had something to do with it. I hook the old router back up and viola. Internetz!

So, any of you guys know what to do? Is it something with DynDNS or something else? I'm really clueless. I'll keep sniffing around in hopes of stumbling upon something. I thought a direct connection to the modem always worked!


Just a little additional info. Whenever the modem is directly connected to the computer, all the modem lights show it as connected, and the network card eventually goes through the motions and says it's "connected". But as soon as I go to actually use the connection, the card gets stuck on "renewing your IP address" and the gives me the limited or no connectivity bubble, which in this case is no connectivity.

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Well, I configured the DDNS section in the new router the first time I hooked it up, but I must have been one character off in the password or something because it's working now after re-typing it all in. Now I'm new to the whole DynDNS thing. Could you please explain why the service would obstruct a direct connection like that? Do I need one of those little DDNS updater apps if not using the router?


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I'm not familiar w/ there static IP updater.  I have used there dynamic dns service, and Iv'e had no problems with it.  What you are saying is you cannot get a connection on your machine, whatsoever. So I would reset the network adapter to the original settings , then go fro there. It is expecting a certain IP that it is not getting.

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