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I am on satelite starter package, not happy with speed.Does anyone know of a different provider in Canada? I am just about ready to go back to dial up!

Bill    :tickedoff:

Is that an orbiting communication satellite downlink with a telephone connection upload link you have?


Best and Warm Regards

Adrian Wainer

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With Xplornet(Telesat provides the service).

The Anik F2 is full or almost full on some of the beams.

The Anik F3 has two spot beams and is using them already).

Hughesnet Spaceway3(Ka band) is providing some new capacity in the southern reaches of Canada(but is still being tweaked to work reliably for residential users).

Hughesnet KU band satellites are mostly full.

Nimiq4, which is for Bell satellite TV, may be running by early next year without major delays(has 8 KA band spot beams on it for Telesat, for use in Canada).


As the northern re-seller of Telesats satellite Internet.

And Telesats Fair Access Policy(FAP), is on all re-sellers. The below is from NetKaster. And you won't see Xplornet's version any where near this....

Benefits and Privileges. This Acceptable Use and Fair Access Policy (the

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I have 3.6 Mbps HDSPA wireless, I don't know what type of satellite service you are getting but if HSDPA is available in your area it could be an option, if that service was available in your area and you were interested in it, you should check it out very thoroughly before committing yourself to a contract as in Britain and Ireland where this service is available people have had very varied experiences with it, in that for a start 3,600 Kbps is not a speed that consumers will actually experience since the service is contested and the more people who are using a wireless base station the more the available bandwidth has to be shared out between them. But if this service is available in your area and you would have a service provider that would not overload his network, it can be very attractive e.g. the software is pretty much plug and play and the modem fits in any computer USB socket and e.g. one can use the modem with one's laptop during the day when one is out and about and plug the modem in to one's desktop when one gets home. The modem is about the size of packet of Wrigley's chewing gum.

Best and Warm Regards

Adrian Wainer 

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