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.....are the chances of cox doing something like verizon did :) mmmmmmmmm.........fiber.........haha, no really :) what are the chances......im thinking that if verizon ever starts doing this in arizona, cox should have some real real competition, first off :) id be one of the ppl switching to verizon eheheheh unless cox really made some improvements to match verizon's features....what do you all think about this....would you switch to verizon or stay with cox ?

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Verizon. If it was offered here in Phoenix, Az. ;)

i just sent my isp an email before i went to work asking if their are any packages that offer symmetric connections ( meaning upload and download are the same rate)  because 386 upload @ 45.00 a month is rediculous when verizion offers 15/5 ( or is it 15/2? ...anyway)  for less then what im currently paying.  I doubt the email will do any good, but good to get the fire under their asses on my thoughts :D

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Always good to get em thinking. I sent 1 to my isp, because i can go to cable for 3 down, for 49.95. They sent me back reply no not at this time, but it put the bug in there ear, (hey mabey they will pay more for double the speed.) Thats how things get done. If noone asks, nothing gets improved. Things get improved when theres an intrest in it. When they can make more money.

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