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VGA to S-video on TV


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I believe I have posted something about this already, but I can't find it on the forums, so I might be wrong.

I have an old HP Pavilion 522n tower that I want to use as a server (which works actually) and as a source to project movies on my television. The only output on the computer is VGA, so I bought a VGA to S-video adapter such as this one


I tried it out but the image on the TV is in black in white, fuzzy and divided in 3 sections horizontally, so yeah, unusable. I know that the S-video is not the problem because I have been streaming from my laptop through S-video for a while, without a problem. Thus, I tried the adapter on the VGA output on my laptop and had the fuzzy display again. So now I am wondering if it is my (cheap) adapter that just doesn't work or if there's a problem from putting VGA to S-video in theory. I saw that there is another female cable (see picture) coming out of the adapter, and I don't know what it is supposed to do, I assumed it was for better quality since VGA is higher quality than S-Video, but I could be wrong. The e-bay seller had a pretty good rating, so that makes me doubt that the product is defective, but that's what it looks like for now. Could I be missing something? Just for information, the mobo on my HP tower


is the first clickable link.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Im no expert on this stuff but, it sound like your TV setting is wrong. have you tried changing the progressive and interlace setting on your TV(if you can). Whenever i get a picture that is black and white and divided into sections, it usually the wrong resolution like 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

Have you tried the RCA cable?

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