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A few questions


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I moved into my new college dorm in which we have 1 full t3 and 1 1/2 t3 line for a total of about 65mbps traffic. When doing a speed test i always get the same result. About 12mbps download and about 130-180kbps upload. Its very strange that no matter at what time of day, no matter what, my upload/download seems the same. I think it has something to do with the traffic shaping of the school. What could it be?

Now, I want to torrent at school. I know it may seem kind of far fetched but im willing to take the chance (im crazyyy  :uglystupid2:). When I turn on uTorrent, and I am uploading at like 80 kilobytes (like 760kbps? [which is strange considering im only supposed to have a seventh of that upload]) and I do a speed test, i get the same upload speed on a speed test.

I know in my school apparently they have all the major gaming ports and ports commonly used for productive applications open so i tried using one of those as a setting in utorrent to see if it would work. It does, the little "warning" icon on the bottom of my utorrent window does turn green for about 10 minutes, then goes back to yellow. What could this mean? People are actually able to download from me, but at pretty low speeds. If i have like 10 torrents seeding i can get 40kilobytes easily, and if im lucky about 80-100. But that is no way near the 65mbps upload we have here, nor the 12 mbps download speed (t3 has same upload and download.. right?).

What can be done?

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Assuming that the ADMIN did actually set a limit on your STATIC IP address then i don't think it's possible to bypass...

since the configuration was done to the ACCESS point where you are connected.. for example a router...

All data needs to pass through the ROUTER... the idea of bypass is like skipping the access point and directly connect to the World Wide Web. Please be reminded that your computer when connected to the internet actually has 2 IP address..

one IP address for your LOCAL NETWORK (assigned by the router) and another one assigned by the ISP... it is possible that all the computer in that school uses ONE real IP address (assigned by ISP).

since the configuration for bandwidth limitation was done LOCALLY (set in the router) then there's nothing you can do to bypass since all your connection needs to pass through the router..

the router is the one who gets the IP address assigned by your ISP. while you are getting an IP that was provided by the router..

DATA  from your PC ---> ROUTER ---> WWW (yahoo.com)


Data from your PC  ---> Router ---> PROXY Server  -----> WWW (yahoo)

no matter what you will do there is only one way.. and that's through the router..

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