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Transfering Color Code or Base station (Smart Bro)

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I got a question here, i'm really confused about this:

Is it "SAFE" to just change the color code(base station) in the canopy settings? :?::?:....i mean if we change our base station....like say for example; im from  "base station A" and then i configure my canopy setting and change the color code (base station) to "base station B".....now my question is....will "base station B" recognize or will accept me when i transfer :?::?: :?:.....because as far as i know (correct me if im wrong :angel:) we need to register our account on a particular base station in order to be accepted or to be recognized.by that particular base station.......

please enlighten me...coz im really being tempted to transfer to another base station coz the base station that im currently in... :tickedoff:!!!!SUCKS!!!! :tickedoff:

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hello Funsize (nice name :smiley: )

i think it is just "SAFE" to switch color codes or access points, under the ff conditions:

1) your canopy sm has roaming capability - it is the technical support (customer service) who can set that, you may inquire if you want to.

2) you use the same ethernet card - coz it's the physical address that is recognized by Smartbro's system whatever AP you are homed at.

otherwise, you will be redirected to the portal.

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just a follow up questions.....

-is there any other way beside calling their CSR to know if my canopy has roaming capability??.....i hate calling them coz it takes too long :tickedoff:

-and what if my canopy doesn't have roaming cability wont i be able to change color code?? :?::?:

-if i change my color code..will i always have the option to revert back to my old color code just in case things wont work-out??

pls pls really need some answers to my queries...coz i really want to change my color code, though at the same time im also hesitant to do it coz i dont know what might happen :undecided:

hope you could reply ASAP!!

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Guest dzep007

You can try it, if there's no connection with your new Color Code, just revert back to your previous Color Code.

i tried it also several times, i tried to connect to another AP with less users, but i cant connect, but i still have two APs to choose from i can switch from Base Station A to Base Station B anytime.

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