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IE no addons


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mudmanc4; I haven't had this problem .This is with IE7 on Vista HP.

Would you let me know where in "properties" it shows addons are enabled ?

See if this fixes it.

In the Start/Programs list.Probably under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.

There should be two IE shortcuts.One like this: Internet Explorer ( no Add-ons) The other just :Internet Explorer

Right click both and select properties.

In the image below The left side should be the one for just :Internet Explorer

The right side should be the one for Internet Explorer ( no Add-ons) It has the extra  -extoff  in Short cut /Target.

If the  just :Internet Explorer has the -extoff remove the -extoff & apply.

If that's not it try in IE Tools/Manage Add-ons/Enable or Disable Add-ons Then enable the add-ons you want enabled in the list.

If none of that works I'm not sure what to do.

btw if you do a reset in IE/Tools/Internet Options/Advanced it tells you it disables browser add-ons.If you tried that then reenabling them as above might work.

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Thanks I hadn't found that.Good to know if I ever have the problem.

It is available in both IE & IE (No Add-ons).

Easiest way to put it is Internet Options> Programs > Manage Add-ons.

You probably haven't accessed the remote machine yet.

I'm interested to see if changing the target works.

Since my IE is working correctly I hate to test it on mine.

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Not only did I have to uninstall on three of the machines, but one here at home is doing this on one profile, but doesn't give the option to uninstall.

I had access to the other machine yesterday until my service was interrupted  :roll:

None the less, everyone seems to be telling me that this started during that AVG thing a couple weeks ago.

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I have AVG but when the AVG thing occured I just let it ride & didn't update for a couple of days.When I did update I had no problem.So the AVG problem could have messed something up.

Possibly an uninstall of AVG then a new install of AVG would correct the IE add-on problem.Probably not but something to try.

I don't think Vista has any uninstall option for IE7.At least I haven't found one.

In Program Files /Internet Explorer I have this file ieinstal.exe .

It doesn't do anything that I can tell on my OS but says it is :

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