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harness your 'chi'


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i had a tai chi class today in which i attempted standing meditation for 20 or more minutes..lost track of time. but the meditation was focused on my hands, and when i stopped i was instructed to feel the energy between my hands and play with it.

it tripped me out, there was what can only be described as a magnetic force between my hands, and it stretched and squished how i wanted it to. it was sweet.

after doing a bit of research on tai chi i found out one of the goals is to learn to harness potential destructive energy and release it in the form of a punch or kick.

just thought i'd ask if anyone knows any more about it, or any good websites besides the google ones. it would be awesome to be able to harness that power at will

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No I don't think thats what it was called.... L0L... I do think its very cool that more and more ppl are studying tai chi, I started some years back but havent done for a long time, just being lazy. There is no doubt in my mind that I felt much better while doing, and now that I have the time I should get re-involved since you have reminded me of this great way to focus and feel better.......... :)

8) Microwave

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Tai Chi is in fact a martial art. there are 2 types

hard- like kung fu and karate

soft- ba gua and tai chi

i understand that it is focused on healing and relaxation, and don't mean to give it a bad name; i respect it.

i'm not talking violence, i'm talking 'potentially destructive' energy , and how i'm amazed that it can be harnessed.

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