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I currently have my computer/network set up so I can remotely wake the system after it has been shutdown or put into standby/hibernate. I know it's set up correctly because I use it all the time and remotely use my computer from my iPhone with WinAdmin. The only exception is it won't wake if the computer completely loses power then regains it (ie. the power goes out and comes back on, or if one take the power cable out of the PSU and reinserts it). Now I would understand if the WOL only worked if the computer was in standby because the session info. is saved in memory and would thus be wiped at loss of power. But I can wake it after being shutdown as well, so I'm puzzled as to what changes between it's shutdown state before and after loss and regain of power. The ethernet adapter LEDs are lit up after power is regained, so what is stopping the "magic packet" from triggering it to wake?

I mainly want to know because it's especially useful when I'm out of town, and I can't use it if the above-mentioned scenarios happen.


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Thanks vern. I actually have that option or something very similar. I have 3 options at loss of AC power: Power Off, Power On, or Last State. I now have it set to power on if power is ever lost and then regained. I tried the last state option hoping it would be in the shutdown state where the ethernet adapter was still susceptible to the WOL packet, but no luck.

Anyone know what changes when power is lost and regained that makes it unable to be woken until a manual boot and shutdown?

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