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3000 Members is not a very far dream !!!!


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Guys have u noticed how fast we went from 2000 to 3000 BANG BANG BANG

so so fast

should we start to make prevision for 5000 or what ?


thank you for coming and sharing with Ur friends about this website

spread the word


<--Edited by swimmer: Fixed spelling mistake-->

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Dont touch my posts.  It was not offensive nor flaming..  You have no right to,.. i was just pointing out that their is no such thing as "tetsmy.net " .. I mean hell you should know how to spell the damn site you go to daily. No need to "abuse powers."  :rolleyes:

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I just checked the stats:

When was there 634 online? Did I miss something?

If you guys have noticed I have changed the threashold online time of the forum to 5 minutes... there must have been a huge amount of people here sometime today (I missed it) but with-in 5 minutes there was 291 people in the fourm alone.  It is possible though that these were search engine bots reading my forum, I have seen it many times where Inktomi Slurp will unleash a few hundred bots on my site.. bang it out and get their indexing done in a few minutes.  But this might have just been a huge rtaffic spike... who knows.

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