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Hi there! One of our PCs has been acting quite weird lately. It keeps on getting the blue screen of death. According to the error screen, the problem could be hardware related, but no hardware has been removed/added. I also tried removing the CD drives but to no extent. I still get this error. Any ideas as to what causes this error? Attached is a "screenshot" (literally, I captured the screen with my camera) of the BSOD. Help Please!  :sad:

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this relates to a MEM issue

This Stop message, also known as Stop 0xA, indicates that a kernel-mode process attempted to access a portion of memory at an Interrupt Request Level (IRQL) that was too high. A kernel-mode process can only access other processes that have an IRQL lesser than or equal to its own.

Interpreting the Message

The four parameters listed in the Stop 0xA message are defined in order of appearance as follows:


Memory address referenced




Type of access (0 = read operation, 1 = write operation)


Address that referenced memory in parameter 1

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Thanks for the info Diehard , I have been having the same problem with a puter I put together from spare parts ( bitsa )  I  swaped out most hardware , and indeed it was one stick of my memory , both rated the same , one Kingson , one Crucial , both work OK on their own in any slot ,  but as it is a spare computer I can live with only 512 Mb ,

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