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A little help needed...name that internet cafe...

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I'm exited for you Ian, can't wait till you get it opened.  :grin2: :grin2:

if your excited I'm way more than excited...  i was with my dad this morning buying materials.. and trying to measure the cables to be used..


Sounds like colours of the world, So how about World gateway... 

could be..

I dont know why but when you described it I thought "Sunset Cafe" but if you are looking at alot of teens maybe.. Hell Im no good at this but Im gonna play anyway. "Dot Cafe". Nah.. Uhhh.. Heck I dunno. We want pictures though.

i also had a talk with the guy who will be painting the walls.. and i said. i want it to feel like sunrise.

how about "the hard drive",, or "pc core" how about "smart bro sucks" hahahaha LOL  ,,,hehehe

haha.. the first two names are actually names of the internet cafe located a few km from our place.. the last one is a bit mean.. ahaha.

I'm Loving it..

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so we have decided to call it


i had a conversation with my family about this. i have pointed out some suggestions from testmy.net and we cant agree on one since each of us has a different suggestion. mom wants to name it after a Saint, my other sister wants a combination of names. my brother wants to name it after a boat.. for the sake of democracy we decided to draw it..

Playmates was the name suggested by my 8 years old niece. to find out she placed 4 entries of that name. so as per the rule the name will be Playmates...

anybody who wants to design for the banner?  just like what coolbuster did?

and yeah.. all entries that will be posted here will be printed and be sticked on the glass window! and please can someone provide me a good banner for testmy.net so i can print it as well...

thank you guys for the support

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Playmates, maybe im just dirty minded, but reminded me of playboy.

I think New Horizon's would be a good name, but its your shop, and i wish you luck on it.

lol... i actually told one of my bestfriend about the name and i also mentioned I'm asking the people of testmy.net to do me some logo.. he suggested to have a rabbit as a logo.. so your not alone. lol

but playmates refers to my nephew and niece. hehe and they are still 7 and 8..  :)

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