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The Entertainment Conspiracy.


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The entertainment industry sure does make alot of good guesses. Check this shit out.

First up, 9/11. The Lone Gunmen, a spin off of The X Files I believe, shot a very interesting pilot for their new program that you never got to see. Why didnt you get to see it? The premise of their whole pilot actually came to life.. very shortly there after... on 9/11. One of the juiciest parts, one of the actors on TLG reported that the CIA had influence over the script for the pilot, going as far as to say they suggested the whole hijacked plane into the world trade center scenario.

One retrospectively interesting aspect of this pilot episode is that the airliner has been hijacked (via remote control of the plane's autopilot) and, by the end, both Byers and his father have boarded the plane to try to stop the hijacking. Through the aid of the other Gunmen, they are able to regain control of the plane and just miss crashing into the World Trade Center with the airliner. This, of course, is before the actual attack against the Trade Centers later that year.



Not an exact match, but creepy.

Now this, something for the geeks. A video game.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon, released in 2001, had a very interesting premise.

Ghost Recon begins in April 2008, with civil unrest in Russia. Ultra-nationalists have seized power in Russia, with plans to rebuild the Soviet Union. Their first step is clandestine support of rebel factions in Georgia and the Baltic States. This is where the Ghosts come in - to silence the invasion. Armed with some of the most advanced weaponry in the world, the soldiers of the Ghost Recon force are covertly inserted into the area of operations and given specific missions to curtail the rebel actions and overthrow their benefactors.


So a video game was about conflict between Russia and Georgia in the year 2008 and the game was released in 2001. Kinda eerie with the timing, considering what happened this year.. you know 2008. Some of the initial action in the game, in Georgia, takes place in August of 2008.

How about The Matrix. A movie about oppression of humans by making them believe they are in control when they are not. They are all "asleep". Check this shit out. Neo's Passport. What is that expiration date?  :haha: :haha: :haha: Yup, "Humanities Last Hope" has his passport expire on 9/11/2001.  :haha: :haha: Shot before 9/11 of course.

Link to Neo's Passport

How about The Simpsons. 9/11 Prophets?

Link to Simpsons Pic

There are more. Pretty funny shit. Maybe we need to start paying closer attention to our entertainment industry plots.  :undecided: :undecided: :undecided: I hope Destroy All Humans doesnt turn out right.. They have a "Anal Probe Gun" that does not look fun to be on the business end of.  :shocked::angry: I just wanted to share with you guys and lighten up the load of political topics on the front page.  :grin2: :grin2: :grin2:

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I haven't seen "The Number 23", but from what I read, the premise is quite similar to what you are doing right now, taking an isolated case and searching the past for what could have predicted it. The same subplot about a 216 digit long number appears in Darren Aronofsky's movie Pi. A statistical analysis of all the numbers published in the media in the five years preceding September 11th would be interesting to determine its relevancy, but it would be extremely time consuming if possible at all.

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i know what ur referring to (the bail out)...but i don't get the connection to the emergency number 911 or 9/11

Look at it this way, when you meet someone that you have feelings for, you spend more time with them, sooner then later, you start changing the way you do things to accommodate them. But it suits you just as well.  You feelings have guided you. For the rest of your life there's something there.

The  " attacks  " of 911 went along side the feelings people have in distress when they need help, or there family gets in trouble, it's rooted deep . The mental connection of needing someone to be there to help, or protect you. You know there going to be there.  In turn , you relied on American people to help you out from the deep sorrow you felt on 9/11. As well as relied on the military to create in a sense  " protection " , or a pacifier. Thats the way we work.

In short,the way i understand this is there are social covenants that not only want, but need you to need them in order for them to survive, so they might do things that pull on those  " heart strings " to get you to look there way for assistance.

This is only the beginning, in the long term, the goal of these people is to force you to comply by subliminally asserting over an extended period of time , a feeling that you need them, and there going to help you no matter weather you like it or not. Just look, people are looking to the government to  " bail " out the people from what they have done to themselves, when in reality, this is a well calculated ongoing manipulative skit that is planned , as well as made up on the run from the intelligence of think tank type groups , that understand so much more about the way the human mind works then the general person does.

  Don't believe this ? Start researching the ways of global mind control, in conjunction with the primordial genetics, find out who we really are, and how we became civilized.

Anyone out there ever really realized just how connected we all are / Maybe when you were younger, experimenting ?

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