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Gotta give the kids props......


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While I do live in america, I gotta give the boys of diana props. They are there mothers boys. They do lots to help others, when most kids in there spot would be in trouble all the time. Even the story of the younger going to iraq and only leaving when the press outed him. Throwing the fit about wanting to stay. Sure seems like there mother, they use what they have to help others. Just kinda nice to see something nice instead of all the bad stuff. Someone I know who claims to met the oldest one, said he was really pretty cool and not full of himself. Just a regular kinda guy. Take that one with a Grain of Salt. Not sure if its true or not about the meeting.

PORT EDWARD, South Africa – British princes William and Harry set off Saturday on a grueling 1,000-mile motorcycle rally in South Africa to raise money for charity.

The pair joked that they had a wager on which royal tumbles from their bike the most during the eight-day off-road adventure.

"It's going to be very challenging and we're expecting to fall off many a time," said Harry, 24, before more than 80 riders set off from the holiday resort of Port Edward on South Africa's southeast coast.

A crowd cheered the riders as they hit the winding dust road bound for the southern coastal city of Port Elizabeth .

William, 26, who next year will begin training to be an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot, said he and his brother had decided to take part in the rally "because it's a mixture of adventure and charity."

Funds raised through the princes' participation in the Enduro Africa 08 event will be divided among UNICEF , the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and Sentebale, a charity established by Prince Harry to help disadvantaged children in Lesotho.

Harry, an officer in the Household Cavalry regiment , said he was looking forward to spending some rare time together with his brother.


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