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Microsoft is putting it us once again.


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Been reading up on the new windows comming out. Various sites so no one  link. Its nothing more than a tweaked vista, The Beta is out I think. Its designed to run on older computers and not near as naggy as vista is or was.

They are also hoping to improve peoples perception of vista. If you like vista thats cool. There is already software out there to tweak it out better. While the cost has not been revealed, Its probally gonna be cashy. The looks and feel of it will be just like vista. So it short. Its the New improved vista. I just hope they fix the boot issues vista had.

Um no thanks. Still no reason to give up xp. Microsoft is giving no real good reason for xp users to jump to vista or above. There lack of common sense just baffles me. But when your worth billions, who cares what people think.

Hackers already have vista figured out. This release will make it easier for them and won't take as much work as vista did.

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When I tried out Vista I was to say the least disappointed.  Since I had a old XP machine that a hard drive issue and I could not get a newer machine without getting Vista I made the switch to Apple OS X leopard. 

That was the best move I have ever made.  I have not had one crash and the mac runs great plus it is a lot more stable.

All of the PC companies love to give bloatware on the computers and it takes a couple hours to get rid of it.  On the Mac I was up and running in about 15 minutes. 

Sorry Windows do not run in my home anymore.

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