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Is this a proper ip setup assigned from DHCP


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Is this a proper ip setup assigned from DHCP

I have been having problems with My ip changing from a 12.xxx. ip to a 173.xxx. ip address after a power outage or whenever mediacom has an Internet outage. The setup I end up with is as follows:

IP            173.16.61.xxx

S Mask


DNS          I use Open Dns as Mediacom's dns servers suck

I have bypassed router, changed nic, modem,  etc. Have the same results. My speeds go

down and I am unable to use many of my services, one of which is my internet phone.

The only way I can make things work is to go back and enter my previous ip info

manually as if it were "static".  At this point I can get to the Walledgarden site to reset my "sticky ip" and set everything back to "auto".  Customer support was a wasted call as usual.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on here?

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