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Hello guys


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Welcome to the forum! Here is a link to the rules. Linking to your speed site would be against the rules.


[r.4.01] External Links, Affiliate Marketing Links, Signature URL's and test results from the competition

    * [r.4.02] Note to anyone wishing to post affiliate marketing links: this is not saying that links in general aren't allowed, the point is that links that are linking to external resources are to have the same standard as the content hosted here at testmy.net.  The page being linked to can't have popups, warez, illegal content, spam, or excessive advertising.  The link also may not be a link to any affiliate program, furthermore the link may NOT forward to any affiliate program or have links within the page that link to affiliate programs.  If you are caught linking to affiliate programs in our forum not only will you have to deal with repercussions here at testmy.net you will also have to deal with your affiliate program owner because you will be reported for illegal linking (almost all affiliate programs disallow linking to the program in forums or in sites that you don't personally own).  Many affiliate programs will drop a publisher if they see activity like that and 99.99% of the time they will withhold 100% of money owed to you because of being in violation of program rules.  It's not worth it... so DO NOT post links to affiliate marketing schemes, you will only hurt yourself.  Mods and Admins here at testmy.net take pride in the fact that we catch 100% of such links and do so within the first hour of it being posted.  If you would like to make money off an affiliate marketing scheme I suggest that you create your own website and try to get traffic the legit way.  Most affiliate sites are run by small business and because of that they tend to look into all publishers they will be paying out.  If you don't pass their authentication then you won't get paid, just a heads up.

    * [r.4.03] Inappropriate External Links: Any external link that contains illegal content, content not suitable for all ages, warez [or hack related in any way], spam, virus, excessive advertising or even one single popup your link will be removed without notice.  If your thread was solely based on the link you posted then your thread will be completely removed from the site.  If you ignore warnings and rules (as with any rule here) you will then be banned from the site (see *ban subsection rules).

    * [r.4.04] URL's in signatures: see [r.5.05-K]

    * [r.4.05] see [r.5.05-L]

    * [r.4.06]  Are you in doubt about anything?: If you're unsure about any of our forum rules feel free to shoot a PM to the site owner or contact any moderator or admin you come across (search members by position for "admin" or "global moderator")

[r.4.07] If you try to get around a rule by purposely playing on words your account will be banned. 

[r.4.08] We value all of our members but we also want a clean discussion.  We have no need for anyone that is going to make our users experience less than awesome... therefore we will not and do not hesitate when it comes time to ban.  Please listen to the rules and enjoy your stay.  - Damon

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