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Hey mud,


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Got my first program for linux. Its on my desktop.I know i gotta run the .sh install to install it. Is there a program that will do it for me. Ya know, right click open with ? I am in the process of getting some help. But its a hardcore linux user, Man I think he is making the way more complicated than it needs to be. If i understand it right, its nothing more than a script, so why not just a simple "execute script" type of setting in the right click.

Yea I know really not the safest and best bet, Can understand it not being there. So my next thing would be find a program that will do it for me, right click, open with and there ya go.   I did try the open terminal thing when ya click on it, and the other option as well, nothing. Poked around and dont see it. I have thrown all my windows know how at it. No luck. I know I am gonna be frustrated when this turns out to be a simple process.

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To clarify a bit, No I am not sure this will work.May be the wrong Idea. But this is what I was talking about the right click thing. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-gnome-open-terminal-shell-prompt-here/

I can do the first half. The second part

Save and close the file. Now, setup permissions, enter::

$ chmod +x "$HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Open Terminal Here"

Has me a bit baffled. Not sure after I close that file how to exactly setup the permissions thing. Do I use terminal, or a run command. Do I Open a window and throw the computer and either go for distance, or style points. Im kidding, Its no big deal. Just gotta figure it out. I will.

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Just to let you know the  " +x " will allow all access to the designated directory or file. I',m not sure what your trying to do, but here are some combinations to allow permissions somewhat more safe.

    chmod u=rx file        (Give the owner rx permissions, not w)

    chmod go-rwx file      (Deny rwx permission for group, others)

    chmod g+w file        (Give write permission to the group)

    chmod a+x file1 file2  (Give execute permission to everybody)

    chmod g+rx,o+x file    (OK to combine like this with a comma)

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Well again. I may be way off base mud. The program (forget the name) Its just like autoit for windows. I would think you could just use a right click to compile the script. Make sense? Kinda a way to simplify the install with a right click. Maybe I'm nuts, the voices in my head say I am fine.

I KNOW there is a easy way to install programs like this. May take me a year, but I will figure it out. One guy at another forum really helped TONS. He some how fixed it to open in ubuntu and install on its own. Changed it to a .deb file? Then walked me through how to make a shortcut to the desktop for it.

He loved it, was gonna try to get them to release it for I think he said Debain release, which must be the same as ubuntu. That way you can just get it and install it with Synaptic.

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Just learning the ins and outs of what can and can not be done. Whats possible whats not. The information I have picked up, has been fun and eye opening to say the least.

I got it set up and everythings cool. Had one issue with a program. Thought forsure I was gonna have figure that one out. Come to find out there are some Super Smart guys that can take the free program, Repackage it for my verson of linux. Had no idea that was even possible. So I gave up for now on how to install a hard to install program.

My next thing will be how they repackaged it from its current form to a form that can be installed on my verson of linux. This is the program I was working on installing, Some guy repackaged it for me to install on ubuntu. http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/ . He is a hardcore user of linux, LIked the program he was gonna talk to the maker and have it released so others could use it on a Debian based linux.

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