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Anyone wake there pc with the AMD magic packet?


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Hope this helps.  :grin2:


AMD and Hewlett Packard identified this problem almost

2 years ago and began working to find a solution

to the problem of the networked Green PC (


being the industry term for a PC that goes into lowpower

mode upon sensing no activity). This collaboration

resulted in a proposal for an industry standard

mechanism that allows a networked PC to go completely

asleep (Deep Green), yet still allows the network

administrator or some kind of network

management software to wake up the PC simply by

sending it a specific Ethernet frame. This standard

Ethernet frame contains a specific data pattern detected

by the Ethernet controller on the receiving end.

The Ethernet controller then alerts the system and the

power management circuitry wakes it up.

Below are details on the silicon implementation of

Magic Packet Technology, as well as some of the system

and software implications.

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