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is a wifi router hackable?


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im using TP Link router ... my neighbor is keep on bragging that he is using our net for a week now i dont know if its true or what so ever, i had my router set with passwords like for accessing it and the WPA2 for the SSID accounts ... i dont know if he's just making fun of me i just want to make sure and ask for advice and suggestions ... anyone ... please help ... thanks in advance  :sad: :sad:

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Yes a WiFi router can be hacked.  It is basically a computer.  Try changing your SSID and then set it to not broadcast.  Still not foolproof but it is another step towards prevention.  Or shut it down for a few days and go hard wired.  You can also let him know he does not have permission and that he he breaking FCC laws by accessing your router/PC without permission.

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The biggest thing with routers is to change the 'default password'. And the 'default name' of the unit as well,,even though he knows (if true) which router you are using anyways...

Lock down to using the MAC address of each computer to access the router,, even though it can be forged..

And the big one is too watch your traffic lights on the modem/router. If they are constantly blinking(not a short blip) when your systems are on standby or off, then someone has access......

And turn down your Wireless strength. Don't need to broadcast way past your 4 walls.

Some people have fun and kill the router when they see about 3 minutes of heavy 'download' traffic and then listen for the neighbors to scream at a canceled download..  :angry:

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