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Warning: SuMo, KCleaner and other program's contain spyware.


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Better think twice before installing any program from Kyle Katarn, including :

- SuMo

- KCleaner

- and his countless others....

KCleaner installs the spyware component "RelevantKnowledge" by DEFAULT, without any option to skip its installation. That brings us to the conclusion that Kyle Katarn is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

To save his ***, he rapidly created a small page (which no single unknowing downloader finds anyway) on http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?rk

The Thumbs-Up days are over, Kyle.

You did your very best to cover who/what you really are.

The above is a copy and paste job from another web site I use and trust. MajorGeeks. Even the owner of majorgeeks has issues with this stuff, has removed it from his website. Not sure if any one uses this software, Just thought you all may wanna know. In the end you be the judge if you wanna continue to use this or not. Myself never have used it. With all this and such........Don't think I ever will.

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  "Crapware" seems fitting enough and descriptive to boot!

:grin: :grin: :grin:

Nice heads up there geek. I am going to change the title, if you dont like it pm me and I will change it back.  :grin2:

how about "Blow Me Fuckers?"

Warning to all the guys out there.. I tried.. twice last year.. All I got was a black eye and a bad case of the Clap.
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