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Help (anything but dell)


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Hi guys,

I am a scant few hours away from ordering a new computer for College, and due to time constraints, I don't have time to put it together myself which is something I've been looking forward to for a few years now. [:(]

To make things ugly, I am being railroaded into buying a DELL if I can't come up with a solution in about 72 hours.

A DELL people!

My question to you guys (the experts)... Where can I purchase a SOLID build from a reputable company that doesn't skimp on quality?? I'd like to be able to customize the order if possible. I've been using Dell's for years now and I don't want another. I know the major manufacturers skimp on everything and you end up buying a tiny box with a woefully underpowered PSU. Needless to say, I want something upgradeable that can handle ANYTHING I throw at it for a few years to come...

I will continue my search, but I won't be able to rest easy on this one until I've gotten the opinion of the forum.

Thanks for taking the time to read this one, it's truly appreciated.


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