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Why can I not download & istall programs ? I have vista home Premium  

  1. 1. Why can I not download & istall programs ? I have vista home Premium

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I am new to all this  So here goes . For two yrs I have been trying to get my explorer net sat. working . I have now been told that my download is ok but my upload is a problem . I have no choice  since we live in rural Alberta . Also I bought a new computer (big mistake ) which gave me Vista home premium . Now look I am not trying to bad mouth anyone but in the past two yrs. all I have wanted was to be able to get on my computer & learn .Boy have I learned .I have over 75 hrs with the sat people & 60hrs with dell . Is there anyone out there that can talk plain language & help me get this computer to work like the old one did when we lived in the city?? I have added 4GB of memory & I still can't download programs Oh well enough of this I sound like I'm whinning . Hello to all P.S. I don't even know where to go to get answers anymore . Just call be confused or Gerard Thank You!

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What are you trying to download with Xplornet? They will screw you around a bit. Just like most North American satellite Internet providers do. And the provider will blame you for slow system speeds, according to the end user agreement that does violate consumer protection laws.

Satellite does not like file sharing applications and will throttle them to barely any speed.

Regular downloads should work. But you can be FAPped if they are any larger than 12 MB in size. No FAP between about midnight and 5am, for the large downloads. FAP(fair access policy).

Uploads on satellite are around about 100Kbps. It is what is needed to request the download of web pages and keep you from uploading huge quantity's of data. 'Steal speed from the uploads to allow for more download bandwidth'.

Any other questions?

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From a satellite perspective, it depends which one they sold you. Did they sell you a Hughes KA or a Telesat KA. Is the Dish a darker grey or a lighter grey? Easier way, if you have a white modem in your house with blue lights it is a Hughes KA, if it's a Blue modem with green lights it is a Telesat KA.

_IF_ they sold you a Telesat KA, then you need to find out if you are within the Hughes KA area for service. It doesn't go everywhere like the older Telesat system does. If you are south of Edmonton, chances are you can get it.

Otherwise, comparing satellite to anything "in the city" is bad. If the people sold it to you saying it was "high speed like telus or shaw" they are just trying to get the sale. Ya it is high speed, because the download speeds are faster than dialup when downloading a file (on the Hughes KA), but the latency is what kills Satellite.

The latency is the time it takes for your computer to go "hi" and the message goes up to the satellite, back down to earth to a Network Operation Center (it's like a big computer) and goes out to the internet, and whatever you said hi to says hello back, it goes back to the NOC and then up to the satellite and back down to your computer. They measure that as a Ping in milliseconds (ms).

Average pings are at LEAST 500ms on any satellite connection just for the fact that it's going up into space. Physical limitations. You said for 2 years you've been trying to make your satellite system work. That means to me that you probably have a Telesat system. Around oh... i'd say February or so of 2008, they told us that the beams for alberta were getting full. Oh, I'd like to say, there is also a part (because of your possible geographical location) where the two beams in alberta overlap near the western side of Alberta. all the way down to Pincher Creek AB with the old Telesat systems.

At any rate, if you call the local dealer, see if they can get a Hughes KA System installed or if you're able to get it. You will have to contact Xplornet's 1-866 number just to get the work order sent to the dealer. Either that, or if you have had it for 2 years, you are getting close to the end of your contract if you signed a 3yr. term, so what you could do, is look into getting an Aircard (but only if you do NOT download large quantities of data, under 4GB/month).

Oh also, you should probably try disabling IPv6 on your network adapter. Xplornet doesn't use it, and in some wireless jobs *not sure about KA* it doesn't even let you connect to the internet or it is erratic in behavior. Ask a local tech guru to come out and fix it, or call a friend who understands more about computers if you can't figure it out. Where to look for it? Network Sharing Center -> Manage Network Connections -> Properties on the Local Area Connection (or wireless if you are using that) -> find the Internet Protocol TCP/IPv6 and click the checkbox to the left of it so it isn't checked anymore. Click ok/apply/close and restart your PC. Should work, if not, reboot your modem (or do it anyway).

Feel free to PM me if you have questions or reply here, i'll check back on it.

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