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hello people


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Thanks I never have used your forum but I have used your internet speed test a bunch of times and have seen you r site change quite a bit and am glad to say I think you are doing a great job on it. and would like to thank you for this awesome service you wouldn't believe how many times this has helped me to fix connection issues or help me to get the most out of my internet connection. and I have told a bunch of people to come here to use it  :grin:

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Thanks ya  have most of them but I see 2 new ones I don't so thanks. every since comcast has been working in the neighborhood supposedly because the internet is supposed to go up to 22down/2up my speed has went down but thats OK for now they said they should be done here in DEC sometime soon so far it hasn't caused me any problems I really hate when they shut it off for 3 hrs at a time while they are working on the lines though lol. although I like the norton speed disk better than the disc defragmenter utility. I also probably wouldn't hurt to update my wireless router its fairly old and I'm sure the have better models out nowdays. that reminds me I have a copy of my fastest test I haveever gotten saved ill have to find it so I can post it I was really excited about it lol

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