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Internet Disconnects When Phone Rings ON DSL!!!


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First off, I'd like to say hello to everyone. I'm fairly new to the forum, only using it a few times to test my download/upload speeds. Through those tests I've noticed that my speeds are becoming slower by the test.

Sometimes when I receive calls the Internet usually disconnects ! That's funny, because I'm on DSL through Bellsouth or now AT&T. Sometimes whenever I receive a call, the caller ID reads "Incomplete Data." That's usually a sure sign that the Internet is about to disconnect. This, along with with the slow speeds I've been experiencing lately, has made my time on the computer very mundane.

Does anyone have any possible troubleshooting that I can do to resolve the problems? I'm at 1193 Kbps right now while Bellsouth advertised speed is 1496 kbps. That's a large margin of speed lost. What should I do to fix my problem? Anything that you may need to know about my computer let me know.

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Well, I had AT&T come check the line and the guy said the line check passed. It's just my computer he said. I wouldn't say my computer would slow down my downstream by 300 kbps would it? I've scanned the computer for spyware and it's come through with only one or two infractions. Any other ideas? By the way, thanks for the help so far.

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Do you have a Phone box on the outside(or inside)of the house that has a phone plug on a hinge(like the pics in this link.. http://www.dslnuts.com/DSLwiring3.shtml  )

Or if you have the older Bell demarcation point..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demarcation_point  ..and the hot side is the right. To be able to hot wire in a new phone outlet right there. Disconnect the other house side phone lines. Careful.. Old phone lines like to break. And remember what side they were on..

Unplug this main phone line and plug in your access point(DSL modem/router) to it and then connect to the computer. You might need an extension or wireless...

Now phone in(you won't have any phones ringing, since they are unplugged). Do you get disconnected? If not disconnected, then flawed wiring in the house... So now you put the computer back on it's line and then connect lines one by one while phoning in to test each one,,, until problem resumes.

Or maybe the DSL modem is flawed? Can you borrow another one?

Did the AT&T guy just test the street side?

Or get a new Ethernet port card. They are cheap enough. Mother board ones can fail....

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I had this same problem a while back. I'm pretty sure it was the wireless phones frequency of 2.4GHz that interfered with my linksys router which had a frequency of 2.4GHz aswell. Im not sure if this was the main cause but i got a new phone and i dont get disconnected like i use to.

do you have a wireless router and phone?

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zalternate - I am not sure what kind of box I have. On one side of my house there's mediacom and electric, didn't see phone. It may be on the other side of the house, but it's dark and cold out right now so I'll check all of that later on. I actually have another modem. I'll check my speeds with that.

JH (we have the same initials) - I used to connect through a router, but not anymore. My phone's been buzzing lately though. It's about time for a new phone. Maybe a new phone and my other modem will fix my problems.

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