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Missing Favorites in Internet 7


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Hi all

I have lost ALL my favorite links in IE7 and can't figure out why.  I am running Vista Home SP1.  I have the favorite links in "C:UsersUser NameFavorites" and have always had it there.  Yesterday I tried clicking on favorites and the cupboard was bare.  I've tried to switch the links to another folder, but to no avail.  I try to import the favs by using the "Import & Export" function in IE7, but when it comes to finding the "Bookmark.htm" file, it doesn't exist on my laptop.  Is this actually needed? ..... and, if so, where can I get this file to replace the missing one?  I am stumped after hours of searching fruitlessly.  Please help.  :cry2:

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I have scanned for all those nasties with Norton AV, Ad-Aware, Exterminate 2.0 and a couple of other programs.  I actually installed the new IE8 beta 2 to see if that would fix it.  It didn't, so I went back to IE7.  I can try your suggestion of D/L another browser and uninstalling IE7, then install IE again.  Thank you for your response and I'll get back to you with my results.  :grin2:

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The links shell didn't work, unfortunately.  I also found out that it is very difficult to uninstall IE7 from my Vista system.  It is deeply integrated and there isn't anything in the "Add/Remove' in Control Panel to uninstall IE7 either.  I did install Firefox and my favorites are fine on that browser.  I've put a shortcut on my desktop from the favorites folder in My Computer and can access them there.  Last resort may have to be a clean reformat with my restore discs, but I won't do that until I'm desperate.  Thank you for the suggestions, gents. :smile2:

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Google search...


How about....


Favorites are missing


Click Start > Run > type "%userprofile%links"  EDIT This one works...  %userprofile%  then favorites and then  links     and press ENTER. See if the

default shortcuts are present in that folder. If the "Links" folder is empty,

you can create those missing shortcuts by right-clicking on a blank area in

the "Favorite Links" area in explorer, and selecting the option "Restore

Default Favorite Links".

OTOH if the default links are present but not displayed in the Favorite

Links section, this may be a result of removing the "IsShortcut" registry

value for shortcuts (.lnk file type.) See:

Favorite Links in the Windows Explorer navigation pane is completely empty:


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