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router purchase help

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Hey all, I have a friend that is in the market for a new router. It has to be a G router. Can you guys recommend a router that is inexpensive, stable, and functional? Also, I might want to hack it for her with tomato or ddwrt so could you also consider something that would be hackable. Any help will be appreciated. thanks, Nick

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I am a fan of Linksys equipment...  However, the newer stuff that they are putting out is pure garbage, wrt54g2.  If I were to buy one right now it would either be one of the dlink gaming routers or an old school Linksys WRT54g. 

I have been running ddwrt for quite some time now and all i can say is that it will blow any manufacturer's firmware out of the water.  It is that good!  The one place yiou might want to check would be a circuit city store near you.  I was at one shortly after Thanksgiving and the networking area was still fairly well stocked, only like a 10% discount. 

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