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Hi I am new here...

And i have some questions.

I live in Philippines

My ISP is Smart Wireless Broadband a.k.a. SMARTBRO

I just want some guides to speed up my connection? ^_^

What is the best TCP Optimizer? DR TCP, Cabblenut or TCPOptimizer(speedguide(dot)net)?

And settings of it.

Tnx in advance!

Glad to be here... more power testmy.net ^_^

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    Hey man, how are things going down there.  Welcome to testmy.net and congratulations on choosing a good website.

I don't really know how SmartBro works, but I have tried different versions of quite a few optimizers and have had some make my internet speed a

lot faster and some that didn't make it that much faster at all.

  The ones that made my connections faster screwed up some of my other parameters. That is currently what I am trying to fix. The stuff that I have actually found that helped out a lot was stuff on this site. I was just scanning new msgs so I don't know where they are located at right now. After I get done here, I will look for the forum that I used in here and I will try to send them to you or something.

  Just be careful about downloading programs for speed boost for your computer. Unless you know that the software will allow you to choose what goes and stays. Some of the speed booster/Optimizers out there are a one touch, push to fix, type of "fixers"

  Also it all really depends on what kind of processor, who makes the processor, how fast, what bit version you are running(64 bit or not), internet provider, and a a lot more variables. Well at least that's what I've been told from people that I have gotten emails from and what not. Good luck to you with everything. I'll try to get back to you.

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