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Best Harddrive Brand


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Hey guys, my desktop's 500gb Western Digital drive just failed. Actually, I made 3 partitions and the first partition failed twice already in 3 months time. I can fix this but I don't want to take any chances anymore. What is the best drive brand to date because I don't want to be losing all of my files and downloaded files. Can you guys recommend a good drive? I used to use Seagate in the past, my 3-year-old 200gb drive never failed me but I needed more space so I bought a WD.  Should I stick to WD or should I go back to Seagate? I only need a 7200rpm drive. I am now stuck with my lappy. Good thing though I backed up my docs

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Pretty cool for an external HDD! Makes me drool!

:cry: I wil just put in another harddrive then try to recover my files (hopefully) and then go to the dealer and get a replacement.

Erm, guys, which is safer to do for new HDDs, full format them first then partition or partition then full format each partition? Can any of these methods  reduce the lifespan of hard drives? And can installing Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 after installing XP SP3 damage the harddrive? Just wondering though...

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Ive always gone western digital. Only had 1 go bad on me, but thats only because of the strain i put on it with continuous reformats , and hundreds of gigs of dats being put on in 3 days lmao... than removed....than on......anyway i digress, iv'e alwaus liked western digital. I've got 2-  250 gb Raid-0 right now, and i love 'em.

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I would recomend Seagate as well

But personally I got this one


they have gotten mostly bad reviews but i love that hard drive

I carry it around in my backpack like its a flash drive and so far nothing bad has happen to it besides the faceplate coming off

but seriously I would just get a big enough flash drive at this point and wait until this time next year to get a USB 3.0 one

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