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Formatting iPod help...Please


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Okay, my 80 Gb classic has been acting real weird.  I only have 3,000 songs on it and was only using 13 GB. Well today it says I only have like 31 MB, WTF?! It hasn't been connected to anything in a minute lol, so I know nothing else synced. Well, when I connect it to my PC it says connected on the iPod but iTunes will freeze up and my PC wont detect my iPod no more. Any help pleaasseee...I just lost my 30 GB Zune, I can't lose this iPod...errr.

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This thing has been nothing but a HUGE bummer. I been spending at least 2 hours a day trying to get this thing working. I tried almost everything you can Google lol. I formatted it on SEVERAL computers, all I can use it for now is a external HDD. It works for that  :knuppel2:..I am going to give songbird a try right now.

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Ayways, for anyone trying to help me...Here is what I did.

Tried formatting the iPod to NTFS on a Winows XP PC and a Vista Laptop. I can get it to format sometimes, sometimes I can't. Now, I know the iPod is supposed to be in FAT32 not NTFS but I was just following a thing I Googled. Now my iPod has NOTHING on it, when I plug it up it freezes Windows Explorer up. To unfreeze it, I have to proceed to put my iPod into Disk Mode which does work for importing pictures and music to view only on another PC. Well, I hope I can really get help. I just bought this several months ago, and it always seems I got bad luck with MP3 players.

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