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Can routers prevent redirection?


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We had a wireless connection once. Now it is disconnected, like everytime I connect to the internet, it redirects to the official site of my isp. I thought it can't be bypassed anymore unless you buy an account that then allows you to surf the net. What very weird is that my neighbor also had the same disconnected connection and now he bypassed the redirection and can now surf the net. He paid a friend of his that is very good at computers to do something to his computer. they purchased a router, I don't know why they bought one because the wireless internet uses a canopy. (With that, maybe some of you now know what connection is it)Then, with mere proxies and other configurations to the canopy, router and his browser, he can surf the net freely! OMG! Can someone explain to me how that dude who helped him did that?

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wellcome to the forum zafrius93 ,

are you asking members here that pay for the internet , how to get it for free, ?

if so why not pay the friend of a friend that married his aunt  that was related to a ass ,?

so how are you posting here ?

if I misunderstood your question , my apoligies ,

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I think I knows what he's talking about.. Get free Internet with some modifications of your various bits. Otherwise the disconnected system just goes to the ISP's holding page saying "You are not authorized to use this network".

:lipsrsealed: :lipsrsealed: :lipsrsealed: :lipsrsealed: :lipsrsealed:

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Discussing how to proxy around a portal isn't a subject that needs to be discussed here. Not the smartest thing to do either, you could get yourself in some trouble, (as well as us) as well as heavy fines, among other nice things the ISP can do with you, such as never allowing you to open an account.

If you weren't talking about actuall free internet,and you were asking how to get around a loggin page for the ISP, that's another thing.

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