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LAN Problems!!


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It;s going to be difficult to assess the issue without a bit more information.   

First , I think since I'm just guessing here, you have changed as many settings as you could find trying to find the issue.

You should delete all the current connections.

  Before you restart the machine, go ahead 

( if you have cable internet ) and unplug the modem, and reset the router, if applicable.

Before reconnecting to the world of information via modem, scan your system thoroughly for any type of spyware, and or virus.  Best way to do so is to first scan all files , all users with your antivirus. Then move to safe node, and do the same scan.

You should really have a spyware detection program, I prefer to use spybot.com , just works. If you don't already have one, this may be an issue since your not connected, but don't worry, your antivirus should find most really bad ones that may effect your connection, but not always.

Start the modem (it should be unplugged for at least 5 minute IMO before attempting to start back up. This will clear IP address stored in ISP's server, as well as config info in the modem.

Wait until the modem shows a connection, and start the router  ( if applicable)

Then start the machine. You'll be prompted that there is no connection if you did things right, and you can create a new connection using the windows network assistant.

Tell me you have a connection now, if not post up what your results are, as well as any information you get via OS popups. 

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how do i delete my Local Area Connection

Go into control panel, look for  network settings, or however your system is setup, some say different things. You'll be able to see all of the connections you have made as far as card, bridges ect. Gpo ahed and delete them, there will be one left that will not allow you to remove it. Thats ok.
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yeah that doesnt work

Are you connecting via 'wireless' to the router or via 'wire' to the router?

Wireless, your router may be set to not allow access without security pass phrase entered in to your computer.

Wire, your Ethernet wire may be part unplugged or just a bad wire.

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im connecting with a wire to the router and i don't think the plug is bad because i can connect to Xbox Live with that plug

Where your LAN connection is in the bottom right of the task bar(Two little computers in blue), Is there a yellow triangle with exclamation mark instead of the two computer symbol?

Or do you have a software firewall that is blocking your connection silently. Or maybe the firewall has the 'block all traffic' lock icon in the taskbar..

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