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Network adapter(ethernet) kills DSL connection.


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This problem is a butt scratcher.

What happens is the Ethernet port has some type of instant malfunction and kills my DSL modem, causing the modem to reboot. Siemens SE567 combo Modem/Router.

I was running with a Dlink Ethernet card in a slot, so I pulled it out and went back to the Ethernet port on the Mother Board. Problem went away for a week or two then reappeared. About twice a day this is happening(not every day)...

Note That I have put in new hard drives and reinstalled the operating system of XP SP3 a few weeks before this second round started. Problem was happening about Oct 1 2008. And then disappeared after about a week. So now it's Late December and it has come back... Compaq Trashario. 7 years old.....  And sometimes this week coming back from standby, I have to do a 'repair connection'.. Otherwise no problems ever with Internet speeds or browsing.

My two other systems don't cause this to happen(Vista and Ubuntu Linux).It's the XP box to blame.

No errors in Zonealrm or Avast.. And bug free for ever... Other than the 3 crapwares that came pre-installed on the system..

Hope it's not a Mother Board problem....... Theres no guarrantee that this system will reboot with a new Mother Board, since it's a OEM version of XP..

error logs.............

First happens..

Source: Tcpip

Event ID 4202

System detected that network adapterdeviceTcpip was disconnected from the network. And adapters network configuration was released. If it was not disconnected, it may of malfunctioned..

Then second...

Source: Browser.

Event ID 8033

The Browser has forced an election on the networkdevicenet Bt.Tcpip. Because a master browser was stopped.

Then third..

Source Tcpip

ID: 4201

Network adapter connected.

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I have just switched out the Ethernet cable to see if the problem still happens.. .. Let ya know in a day or two..

Since the removal and reinstall of the new cable gives the same error in the logs(without killing the DSL modem that is)...

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Just surfing regular webpages(Digg,Fark,etc). But sometimes I'm just sitting reading a site and out it goes. Or sometimes I am playing an 'on system game(Freecell)' on the computer and watch the lights go out as the modem reboots.

This computer does have a couple of quirks that don't show up in the error logs..

There is a small chance that it has to do with my ISP, but last time(Oct) when I asked, "No network servicing taking place". But my Mum has the twin same machine without the quirks and she had the same thing happen for about a week several months ago with just the standard DSL modem(without router), in a different town with the same ISP(New hard drive going in to that machine in January for the one that is failing right now). But Her computer was not to blame in that case.......

But since I have to do a repair to my connection occasionally for the XP box and not the other two???? I tend to lean towards it not being an ISP issue...Actually the Wife rebooted this morning cause the XP could not use the Ethernet port to go online and a reboot still was a no go. And I had to use the repair function. Well at least she did not try to wake me up like some other times in the past with dialup not connecting(ISP issue).... 

Also I do have a 'static' internal static IP on this machine, but no difference from having the Modem/router issued IP... And the IP range is set up about 10 last octlets above what the router tries to give out to the other machines. So no conflict errors.

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So I has figured it out.  :smile2:

Seems that in this Siemens SE567(DSL modem/router with wireless), there in the wireless settings. If I leave on "enable auto scan on power on" , that is causing the crashing(A default setting). A quick test of it was to click "auto scan"(new channel), and it crashed within a few seconds to reboot.

Seems to be posted as a firmware flaw, but only affects a certain number of these units.

Something so simple, yet had this unit for 16 months and no major problems other than these two time frames.

So last night when I was surfing/streaming a radio station, it was rebooting roughly about an hour or so apart and the log this morning showed that it had rebooted about an hour and a half before I woke up the XP machine.  And so far 5 1/2 hours and no reboots. If it happens again, then new unit will need to be ordered.

But figuring it out, sure beats playing with tech support. 

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No. Still stock firmware.

I've only changed the stock passwords and the usual other security settings. Dropped the range when I got it, so it only stays within the house. Haven't dug too deep to see why the 'Auto-Scan' crashes the thing. Or why auto-scan has not caused it to act up all this time before.

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