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Internet Explorer 8


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Has anyone else tried IE8?

It seems they're stealing ideas from other browsers. Like Google Chrome's only crashing one tab at a time. It also seems it's mostly graphics updates.

Actually they showed off the crashing only 1 tab thing way before google chrome.

Its also much more then a graphics update. Majority of the new stuff you can't see, and most likely will never have any interaction with. IE8 is designed to be web standards compliant. IE 6 and IE 7 were so far from being standard they had to eventually make a browser that worked correctly. Unless your a web developer you will most likely never see the changes in IE 8.

The down side to them doing the right thing is it breaks 1/2 the internet.

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Maybe a little laymans on that one please?  :grin2:

Firefox and Safari too name a few adhere to a "W3C" standard for HTML.  IE6 & 7 do not adhere to this which is why web sites designed with bad code and by lazy web designers will work with IE6 & 7 but not Firefox.  Microsoft has been lax on this which is why HTML writer were able to get lazy.  So when you see sites "Optimized for Internet Explorer" usually it will have bad code and not work with Firefox.

As an example the company my sister works for does webpage design.  She just answers phones.  Anyway they have lost several accounts because the pages they were designing would not work in Firefox or Safari.  The designers excuse was that it would take hime three full days to correct this problem for which he wanted to charge the customer.  If you do not it right the first time why do it at all?  especially a web page where not everyone is using IE6 or 7 for one reason or another.

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