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hello guys! ive been using utorrent for almost a year now with no problem not until now...

my ISP is smartbro

i formatted my pc and then installed utorrent 1.8.1

i was downloading some softwares and it worked fine.

i left my utorrent running so that some of the movies im downloading will still run and went to bed.

this morning i woke up and i saw that it didn't download even .01%, it shows 0 seed but it was working fine before.

i saw an error stating "No connection could be done because the target machine actively refuses it"

all files are not downloading

then the other one..

Error was: Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech from one connection at a time!

please help me how to fix this porblem..is there any setting configuration to be done??

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Here's what I learned today:  :grin2:

Why do i get a "Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech from one location at a time" error?

This is an error associated with the passkey system. You may leech each torrent from one location only. This issue will resolve by itself, No action needed. However if you dont leech the torrent from a second location, and you still get this problem, reset your passkey in your control panel and redownload the torrent (also redownload any other torrent you leech at the same time, or you will get an invalid passkey error)

... the tracker still thinks your connected so won't let you reconnect until it times out or if you the flush torrents.

Sounds like either your ip changed or some one else is trying to use your passkey

If its your ip changing, it will correct itself, as soon as the tracker realizes your 'old' ip isn't announcing anymore.

If you think some one else is using your torrents, check your profile, see what torrents are active, you should only see ones you have open.

It is the tracker server, complaining about you trying to contact it from two different IP addresses.
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