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Thus Strong Wind Affects?


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need to know if the strong winds affects the speed of our internet connection? im experiencing "LAG" (slow speed) in my connection now, we have a windy weather here in our area right now....i'm Smart boo user;-)...i use 2pc of 20ft steel pipe as my antenna. noticed that when the wind is strong my antenna is moving (slow vibrating like movement,sideward)...can you advice me on what to do? Thus STINGER help? 


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The antenna swinging from side to side will reduce your connectivity with the tower. Put guy lines on the pole to stabilize.

The wind swaying will cause your peak pointing direction to shift slightly.

So one minute you are pointing at the tower and then you are pointing ten feet to the side of the tower and then at the tower and then two feet to the side of the tower.. Or even having your SM going up and down. Pointing low then pointing high....

It all depends on how much your Subscriber Module(SM) needs to be pointed dead on.  .. I was on a directional antenna once to a tower and the mesh of the reflector dish wiggled a little bit in the high wind and caused a noticeable affect in my page loadings..

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Like this?


It is for increasing distance of signal. If that is also an issue.


I have seen some homes with a 40 foot pole on the roof, but with one or two layers of guy lines to stabilize the whole unit.

The above would probably catch more wind and since it is more precise in aiming, may cause worse signal, unless tower is perfectly still in high winds.

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