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Windows 7 Beta1 (Official)


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I know W7 won't let you install it on a external HDD. I read one guy took his external drive out of its case and hooked it up internal and installed W7 but when he put it back in the external case it wouldn't work. :tickedoff:

Just got a external HDD this afternoon. I had no problems installing windows 7 on it. I am using it right now. I am using a Rosewill RX-358-S BLK with a WD 640GB harddrive install in it that I got from NewEgg. The external HDD case has two external connection, one is USB and the other is eSATA. I use the eSATA connection when I install windows 7.

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Now all I have to do is figure out how to get it to dual boot. I disconnected my Vista drive to be on the safe side [ ok I got scared  :haha: and did not want to lose my Vista install ]  when I install windows7. Now to go in between the two OS I have to go into the BIOS and change the order of the drive so that the drive with the OS I want to use is the first drive the computer boots from.

Edit - Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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