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Google and Net Neutrality


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Rant Mode On....  :evil2:

So Being in Canada and just going to YouTube.com tonight, and guess what? Re-directed to YouTube.ca . I didn't want to go there. I wanted to go to YouTube.com in the United States.  Content is slightly different. Can be considered censorship by not allowing people outside of the States to access YouTube. Otherwise Google should put up the usual B.S. Sign of "you are not allowed to view our content from your country, Please try your own countries site", like many other TV show quality video sites do to us sheltered Canadian Patsies. The bribes continue to fly in Ottawa. "Freedom of Communication" is a right. And Not an option to be sold to the highest bidder.

Network neutrality is spoken loudly by Google, yet they pull this crap.


A neutral broadband network is one that is free of restrictions on content, sites, or platforms.......

Digital rights and freedoms

Lawrence Lessig and Robert W. McChesney argue that net neutrality ensures that the Internet remains a free and open technology, fostering, amongst others, democratic communication.

Disclaimer: If you click below "Broadcast Yourself" on the YouTube page, you can get to YouTube U.S. content. It is cookie based, so is totally useless for us that delete our cookies on a routine basis. And why should we need to put in a special permanent tracking cookies to get to a place we wanted to go to in the first place?

Anyone have a YouTube country specific by-pass code handy?

This one is to get to Google.com  http://www.google.com/webhp  .But still shows a link to go to Canada. Which is OK. The choice is mine and not some scumbags in Ottawa or Google headquarters.


Rant Mode Subsiding..................

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I've done the occasional free Proxys to see some content that was not available anywhere else but the home country.

The YouTube page has the country content choices, but cookies based, so they are no good to my cookies clearing security. And Cache and whatever else the browser records.. My own version of Porn Mode.....

But Why should anyone have to view the Internet via a Proxy?  These Proxy companies are doing a great business with the way the Internet has become. Via paid or Ad supported services.. If people in the United States had to deal with what other countries have, there would be a major butt kicking happening.....  Remembering Comcast's fake packets to stop file sharing.

I suppose those poor Australians are going to have the Proxy servers on the blacklist if their Web Censorship project gets fully implemented... The Chinese have not blocked all Proxy servers. But they also monitor peoples connections for content, if the connection is not encrypted. But an encrypted connection means automatic guilt.

I remember many years ago, during Federal election days, when the Canadian Government ordered TV re-sellers to shut down any American station with news(at the regular news time, but sometimes the whole channel due to hourly news updates). So that Canadians would not see the small possibility of a story about the Canadian election and sway the voters vote(Seriously).... Now a days there is an 'agreement' with the U.S. stations that are shown in Canada, to not say anything about the election. Since in Canada, Election day news of the election is illegal, until 8pm ish.

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Whoopee!  :cool:


Google has a country by-pass code now.

And I repeat. If I wanted to go to Canada, I would of typed '.ca' in the address. If I type '.com', it means I want to go to the U.S.

Redirects to your own country is so like China  :lipsrsealed: and their great firewall. 

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So Google once again violates Net Neutrality.  :tickedoff:

How you ask?

Well I have 'Google.com' as my search engine page link(not Google.ca). So today I click on the news button and notice a Canada news section. I though that was odd. So I click on my usual 'Sci/Tech' section for the latest tech stories. Then I start reading it and notice a lot of Canadian tech stories. And not very good stories either.

So I see that Google once again is being IP Address, country code specific. But I don't want the Canadian site. I want the site that I choose and thats the U.S. '.com' sites.

Being redirected to a site that you did not choose is censorship. And to make someone have to click around to get the site that they want is a pain in the azz.  :evil2:

For the U.S. news site of Google...


I also do delete my entire browsing history, etc., every time I close my browser. So no cookies to be used to keep a preference.

People in the U.S. would riot if this crap was pulled on them. But Canadians are pussies when it comes to sites being redirected to a Canadian freaking version.

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