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Billing Scam Steals p999 From ALL Subscribers


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I have been a smartbro(ke) subscriber since Sept 2007. I am very familiar with their poor service and support.

In November of 2008, they issued a new bill format. They sent a brochure highlighting the change- just a simple change that shows the actual cost of service and the VAT tax separately. At least that's what they want you to think.

Get your October bill and November bill and compare them. Look at the top left of the bill- where it says "statement of account." Under that it says "Statement date" then it gives the date of the bill. Under that it says "billing period covering." That is what you need to compare. The October bill says "Billing period covering: Oct 26 2008 - Nov 25 2008." On the November bill the "Billing period covering" date has been altered... it says Oct 26 2008- Nov 25 2008... the SAME period as the October bill says! :police:

I wasn't aware of any billing problem until they told me in November that I owed p999 more than I thought. I always pay 2 months in advance because I am 1 hour away from the payment center. When I called them about this, they gave me a big song and dance saying that the payment for August wasn't received so they applied it to that month. But I have the receipt for the August bill payment. I spoke to a supervisor whgo promised to email me an accounting. I never received it.

I was too busy to follow up at the time, so I put it on the back burner. Friday, Feb 6, I called to follow up on a rebate that was already 4 months overdue. They asked me to look at the bills for the rebate... of course it wasn't there. But that's when I noticed the billing period change. I spoke to a supervisor who quickly admitted that there had been "many, many complaints" about the problem and smartbro was going to issue a "mass rebate" because they discovered the billing error caused the computer to wrongly double bill ALL SUBSCRIBERS for the period of Oct 26 2008 - Nov 25 2008! :knuppel2:

I told her to FAX me the details of the rebate. She said she had to wait until Monday, Feb 9 because the billing department was closed for the weekend. On Monday she called me, and began the most incredible excuse-filled, apologetic pile of horse crap I have ever heard- she said that I was "not affected" by the billing scam, so I would not be getting my 999 back. :idiot2: I told her she had 24 hours to have the "support team" who told her that to call me directly  and explain the billing error to me. If she did not, I told her I would presume that I am correct, because of their silence, and post the scam on every forum I could find, and also contact the NTC (Mrs Briones is the one in charge of the Smartbro division).

I waited 2 days, and nothing else happened. So here I am, reporting to all subscribers to CHECK YOUR BILLS and make sure smartbroke has not double billed you for that time period. I am now going to log off, and write a letter to Mrs Briones of the NTC complete with the clear evidence on their bills, and my receipts. 

I apologise for the long post, but I feel that smart should not get away with this scam

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