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Battery Backup question!


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I'm thinking of purchasing a UPS. I believe most if not all also include surge protection. My modem, router, pc and monitor are already plugged into a surge protector. Can I just plug the SP into the UPS or can the components be plugged into the UPS and then plug the UPS into the SP? Thank You!

I would plug the UPS into the wall....as a single outlet on a surge protector may not handle the amperage of the UPS and all the computer components.. [nerdly]

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Remove the surge protector, as AAGR3 said, plug the UPS direct to the wall outlet and plug devices into the UPS, being careful to not overload the UPS recommended rating or it will serve very little purpose.

I have a rather large UPS running 3 computers and networking equipment, remember this, and remember it well........

If you have any networking, electronic equipment including cellphones, speakers blah blah blah connected to any component connected to your UPS, make sure they are all on the same source.

If they are not and you get a lightning strike to something that is connected to your computer, you effectively went around your UPS, get my meaning?

If you use DSL or a Cable modem, your going to need to protect them also, lighting strikes can come along phone lines, cable lines, power lines and TV antennas, but if your just wanting it to keep running for a few minutes during a power failure then don't worry about all the above.

Get the biggest UPS you can afford, make sure in 3-4 years you can change the batteries as they will go bad on you, most you can change but ask the question first, ask what run time you will get with your load also, the longer the better.

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I have a 650VA UPS. It is 'sufficient' for my use. As in a 550VA is the lowest you would want to go with(bottom of the barrel). Allows for the system to wake up from standby to shut it down If you have an old CRT(tube) monitor(monitor takes a large amount of juice to power up).

The estimated runtime is just that as well... A bit long estimated.

But I mainly use it for brownouts or power glitches in places I have lived. I even have my DSL modem plugged in to the UPS side. But I also have only one system on it. "Computer. Monitor. DSL modem, on the UPS side"

I don't use any of the automatic shut down software. But the software is handy to stop the alarm beeper for when the power goes out to this model(APC). But on standby, the UPS will last a long while.

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