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Here is a trick I learned to make it faster.

Guest axelrose

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Guest axelrose

I went from XP to Vista with an untweakable TCP stack and since I can't constantly be tweaking my settings like I did with XP I am now able to see higher speeds.

Also defrag your drives and reboot more frequently so those temp files don't clog your comp's brain. :angel:

Also I went from a single core to a quad-core cpu, went from amd to intel... this was a wise decision :smitten:.

My AVERAGE speed now is 1.3MEG/SEC <-- :haha:

If you need HELP or TIPS or just want some ideas or to talk about this whole thing then drop me a REPLY or e-mails me, which you want to do..... :haha:

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you say there is a trick and then there is no trick? is this a trick of some kind? hey, look what i can do? wtf...note to admin and moderators, PLEASE DELETE OR LOCK THIS THREAD! it has no info what so ever, it is useless and a waste of space. trick....what you switched to vista, thats your trick? lmao

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