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need help :/ no know knows whats my problem here ! they all are stupid !


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hi , i need some help about my internet :| 

i live in iran , my adsl is just 64kbps    (7-8 kb/s is my download speed :|

i play world of warcraft and usually my ping is 350-500    in game    , 

but sometimes its 2000 !  or i getting dc all times :|  ,  there is no any other pc connected to my pc or network in home , i have 2 modems that tried both ,    i tried      ping www.download.com command on run , or some other sites when i getting dc on wow but they all are fine with 300 ms ping  , and my download speed is same 7-8 kb/s when i getting dc on game sometimes  , but the only thing is that game ! i tried my other pc also ,  and my internet company says there is no any problem from us ! :S  ,  its also impossible that i say: blizzard with 11 milion players has problem with me lol cos no one else has this problem in other countries !

i wanna know how i can test my line s nois ...      how i can know where is my problem  ...


just can say :1) my modems are fine 2)my game is fine  3)my download speed is fine ...

but i can't play game...

just have some ideas but dont know how i can test em : 

my phone line has noise some times (if its not effect download speed ) how i can test ?

my internet company uses portal or blocks world of warcraft some times ...

i have virus that just effect my online game ( i have nod32 and Spyware terminator and scanned several times but nothing found )

and 1 more question xD 

what the hell is timed out some times ? i had that problem 1 month ago with my internet  , but my company told me they solved it ,  so i don't see any timed out when i use ping command on run , but its like timed out when i wanna connect wow !

sorry that my english sucks xD

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