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Dual Cable modem with MidPoint Software....


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Yeah, I have heard about tha software, and tried it, but I didnt like it. I wonder have you heard about XinCom router that has dual WAN and 4 ports, which is available for sale at tigerdirect.com (not sure about posting link here btw, Im new here) for $99.00 and have not try it out, and just wondering if its worth it.. (sorry to jump in different subject, but had to ask)...



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Yeah I realize that XinCom DPG-402 has been discontiuned, according to their website (http://www.xincom.com/twr402.html), and it was 99.00 at tigerdirect.com anyway,

Thanks for telling me that... I think thats its pricey for XinCom DPG-502 at $209.99, however like what XinCom says, some place still sell at reseller's XinCom DPG-402 and it may be still at $99.00 or so.. Also it still has LAN 4 port and I do see DPG-502 has LAN 4 ports too.. not sure why its cost more...


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True, I did was do a search, for this model 402, and it hardly find anything for sales. While I was do a search, thought to say and I see that at DSLReports.com is talking about this model that doesnt do bonding. But it does do load balancing, and saying that 502 is the one does the bonding to increase its speed. Maybe is why the price is more higher?..

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